Sensory Friendly Films

Where the lights are up, and the volume down.

Sensory Friendly Movies in AMC.

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark!

The first time when we were finally able to persuade Jack to go to the movies, he almost got run over by a car.

He must have been around six years old before he even agreed to go to the movies. He had always told us he was afraid, and we did not have a clue that he had sensory issues neither did it occur to us that he could be on the spectrum because he did not exhibit any of the obvious symptoms typically associated with autism.

So on a fine Saturday afternoon, dad brought him to the movie theatre, father and son ready to have fun, armed with drinks and popcorn. Upon opening the door to impenetrable darkness and loud music, Jack screamed in terror, dashed out of the theatre onto the street, hysterical and oblivious to traffic. Cars screeched to a stop to avoid hitting him with dad yelling and chasing him. (We have since learned to “front load” him as much as possible to prevent surprises. This was taught to me by one of his teachers who will also be one of the bloggers on this site as she has so much tips and wisdom to dispense!)

It was not until the ripe old age of maybe eight or nine before he finally went to his first movie.

If only we had known about Sensory Friendly Films! Where lights are turned up, volume down and the audience can talk and sing! Thanks to AMC and the Autism Society. So sit back, enjoy and enjoy!

To find out more and check screenings in your city, visit AMC’s sensory-friendly films page.

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