About the blogger, mom and creator


Me, Kate M at home in San Diego

Welcome to my blog!  I am so excited you’re checking it out as it makes me feel better that somebody’s reading all this stuff which if it’s to help anybody, needs to get read and spread, otherwise, it’s too self indulgent, writing for self.

My name is Kate M, it’s my nom de geurre, that’s French for pseudonym.  Makes me feel somewhat sophisticated dropping some foreign language.  But really, I use that to protect the privacy of my son, and my privacy as a pre-emptive move against paparazzi, in the event I get rich and famous.  I won’t be the first as I am in good company along with authors like Joseph Conrad, Voltaire, J.K. Rowling, Lewis Carroll, Ann Landers  ….

In any case, I am a real person as you can see from the photo here, with a real son, whose pseudonym is Jack. So, we are a pretty authentic family, though we have made up names.

About Kate M and RAK (“Raising Autistic Kids”)

For twenty years, I worked in Hewlett-Packard, half of it spent in Singapore, and the other half in in the US, managing an eight digit advertising/ marketing budget. I held in disdain those stay-at-home moms and hung out almost exclusively with other like-minded double income no-kids couples.

Then came our son. And I made a big career change to work part time to get work-life balance. Turns out the “life” part is where the real work began. They say kids don’t come with manuals. That didn’t scare me, because, I thought, how hard can it be.  It can only get easier as I get better at it with practice.  Except it didn’t, since a child is not a static product, changing like a moving target, bringing new problems with each phase of his development.  You think the terrible twos go away, it will get better.  Then when it didn’t, you think your child will outgrow them,  but things got worse and you learn your child is one of that alarming growing statistic of kids with autism.  Oh, and let’s not forget the co-morbid symptoms!  That toddler becomes a pre-teen, on the threshold of becoming a young man, now almost as tall and heavy as you, with not less, but newer complexities which cannot be corrected with a time-out or a magic pill.

The idea for this blog has been brewing since our son was somewhat officially “diagnosed” at around ten, with PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder) in addition to his ADHD at aged eight.  He’s twelve now (at the time this was written, in 2013), and though I’ve had twelve years of practice, I’m still a rookie mom because with ASD children, the milestones don’t apply. The emotional maturity, executive functions, pragmatic judgements, social and life skills that other children learn somewhat naturally just seem to bypass them.  Everything is harder for them, making it exponentially harder to parent.

But I’ve benefited from the wisdom, love and support of teachers, friends, other moms and strangers who’ve become friends. We’ve been blessed with good careers that have given us access to various resources, that I would be remiss if we didn’t do something to help the community of parents raising their children with autism. Maybe a more fitting title for the blog would be Sanity Raising Spectrum Kids.

This endeavor is non-profit, 100% funded by my personal saving from those good years I spent in corporate America. The content development is shared by unpaid volunteer bloggers who are doing this for no reason other than because of the goodness of their hearts.

I welcome you to join this virtual community in hopes that it will give you the strength, inspiration, and support that we all need to raise our children to be the best possible, well adjusted adults.